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South Carolina Senior Women's Golf Association

Membership Information & History

S.C. Senior W.G.A. Membership Information

This Association is composed of 400 Regular Members and Special Categories. These categories include Honorary Members, Past Presidents, Charter Members, Super Seniors and Associate Members. Any woman amateur golfer, who has reached the age of 50 years, is a legal resident of the State for at least six months each year, and holds a current USGA Handicap Card is eligible for membership subject to the Membership Committee procedure. Six month residents may play in any one-day tournament. Only full time South Carolina residents may play in the Championship Tournament.

REGULAR MEMBERS Composed of 400 members at all times. Pay annual dues and meet attendance requirement of one tournament during the year.

HONORARY Former Regular Members who are now members of the S.C. Golf Hall of Fame. Pay no dues and do not have to meet attendance requirements.

PAST PRESIDENTS Members who have served as President of S.C.S.W.G.A. Pay annual dues and do not have to meet attendance requirements. They receive automatic entry into all tournaments

CHARTER Members who drew up and signed the original Charter at the inaugural meeting on April 27, 1970. Pay annual dues and do not have to meet attendance requirements.

SUPER SENIORS Members who have reached their 70th birthday. Pay annual dues and do not have to meet attendance requirements.

LEGENDS Members who have reached their 80th birthday. Pay annual dues and do not have to meet attendance requirments.

ASSOCIATE Members in good standing for 5 years who can no longer compete. Pay annual dues. They are non-voting social members.

WAITING LIST Women golfers who are eligible and desire membership in S.C.S.W.G.A. may submit an application to the Membership Chairman. If it is received after the deadline for inclusion in the Handbook, her name is then placed on the Waiting List for one year only. No dues are paid at that time. At the end of the year she will be sent a notice inviting her to become a Regular Member depending on membership totals. Dues are paid at that time.

(Revised 2008)


From 1964 to 1970, women golfers in South Carolina who had reached the age of “wisdom and distinction” (50 years) competed in the Senior Division of the Women’s South Carolina Golf Association annual championships. This was the only senior women’s event in the State at that time.

In 1970, a move began within the W.S.C.G.A. to set up an entirely separate organization that would enable more senior women to participate in an annual championship and, as the proposed constitution put it, ...”to encourage friendly golf competition and good fellowship among senior players…” On April 27th that year, Jane Covington presided at a special meeting held at Forest Lake Club, Columbia for the purpose of organizing the South Carolina Senior Women’s Golf Association. The Constitution, By-Laws and Tournament Regulations were adopted and signed by 59 Charter Members from 19 W.S.C.G.A. clubs. (These 59 Charter Members are listed below.) Officers were elected:

President                       Georgia Hart               President Elect               Ann Albergotti

Secretary                       Marie Kessler              Treasurer                       Jean Clark

Members-at-Large        Addie Chapman,  Polly Hitchcock, Annette Roddey, Becky Becker

Meeting in June and September, this Board immediately made plans for the first Annual Championship and Meeting of the South Carolina Senior Women’s Golf Association, which was held at the Country Club of Charleston on October 27, 1970. The Seal of the South Carolina Senior Women’s Golf Association, which Marie Kessler had so beautifully designed, was presented. In moving that the Seal be adopted, Annette Roddey added, “…with the clear understanding that lavender and old lace never be incorporated in its design.” The motion was carried!

As the founders of the South Carolina Senior Women’s Golf Association intended for its members, friendly competition and good fellowship abound and enthusiasm for this incredible game has never been greater! 

Charter Members

                         Charter Members are those who signed the Charter at the inaugural meeting on April 27, 1970

1.                      Ann Albergotti                                              Forest Lake Country Club

2.                      Majorie Allan                                                  Columbia Country Club

3.                      Mae Anderson                                              Dunes Golf & Beach Club

4.                      Ruby M. Anderson                                          Anderson Country Club

5.                      Becky Becker                                                   Surf Golf & Beach Club

6.                      Rose F. Berry                                                  Columbia Country Club

7.                      Ann C. Boinest                                             Forest Lake Country Club

8.                      Emilie C. Caughman                                     Forest Lake Country Club

9.                      Addie Chapman                                              Anderson Country Club

10.                   Jean C. Clark                                                Orangeburg Country Club

11.                   Fran Cody                                                         Lan-Yair Country Club

12.                   Georganne L. Coker                                  Midland Valley Country Club

13.                   Doris Collar                                                     Columbia Country Club

14.                   Dot Council                                                  Orangeburg Country Club

15.                   Carolyn Cudone                                             Dunes Golf & Beach Club

16.                   Jackie DeBruhl                                                 Columbia Country Club

17.                   Doris Edwards                                              Forest Lake Country Club

18.                   Mary Ann Emens                                              Columbia Country Club

19.                   Virginia H. Etherridge                                Midland Valley Country Club

20.                   Eleanor W. Gordon                                                 Rock Hill Golf Club

21.                   Genola Hall                                                        Fort Mill Country Club

22.                   Georgia Hart                                                 Forest Lake Country Club

23.                   Patsy Hinnant                                                   Columbia Country Club

24.                   Polly Hitchcock                                             Spartanburg Country Club

25.                   Agnes P. Hoffman                                     Midland Valley Country Club

26.                   Barbara B. Hoffman                                           Fort Jackson Golf Club

27                    Helen Huckabee                                                Florence Country Club

28.                   Lois C. Jones                                                    Columbia Country Club

29.                   Marie Kessler                                                  Greenville Country Club

30.                   Ruth M. Kronrad                                                Fort Jackson Golf Club

31.                   Frances Leitner                                                        Fort Mill Golf Club

32.                   Mildred Linton                                               Forest Lake Country Club

33.                   Ruth Love                                                        Columbia Country Club

34.                   Nora Arnold Mabry                                        Greenwood Country Club

35.                   Jo Marchant                                                       Foothills Country Club

36.                   Edna A. Mauger                                               Columbia Country Club

37.                   Nell M. McKane                                        Midland Valley Country Club

38.                   Dee Molan                                                        Fort Jackson Golf Club

39.                   Helen Odiorne                                                 Columbia Country Club

40.                   Maggie Phillips                                                  Fort Jackson Golf Club

41.                   Nell W. Phillips                                                 Columbia Country Club

42                    Ada Lee Pleasants                                       Spring Valley Country Club

43.                   Charlotte S. Praete                                           Columbia Country Club

44.                   Carrie Pregnall                                                 Columbia Country Club

45.                   Grace L. Robertson                                                  Fort Mill Golf Club

46.                   Annette Roddey                                                   Sunset Country Club

47.                   Irene Adger Scott                                          Forest Lake Country Club

48.                   Emily T. Scurry                                              Forest Lake Country Club

49.                   Mildred M. Simmons                                      Greenwood Country Club

50.                   Fanny Sorrell                                                    Columbia Country Club

51.                   Ruth Stubblefield                                           Greenwood Country Club

52.                   Evelyn Surasky                                          Midland Valley Country Club

53.                   Frances Taylor                                                         Fort Mill Golf Club

54.                   Virginia Taylor                                                 Columbia Country Club

55.                   Neoma N. Tobias                                          Forest Lake Country Club

56.                   Tina Trotter                                                Spring Valley Country Club

57.                   Emmie D. Trulick                                          Orangeburg Country Club

58.                   Camille Winters                                                Columbia Country Club

59.                   Ruth F. Woolfe                                                   Camden Country Club