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South Carolina Senior Women's Golf Association

 May 10 at Timberlake

Timberlake Entry Form - ENTRY Timberlake 2021.pdf

MONDAY, May 10


225 Timberlake Drive * Chapin, SC 29036 * (803) 345-9909

Slope: 116                                                                                                                  Rate: 69.8

Entries Open April 12                     Entries Close April 26


Kathy Cuppia, Tournament Chairman

384 Night Harbor Drive * Chapin, SC 29036 * (843) 816-6580

[email protected]


Super Senior

1st Low Gross         Mary Jones - Doris Fisher

2nd Low Gross        Sandra Boyter - Dianne Wofford


1st Low Gross     Elaine Johnson - Leigh Coulter

2nd Low Gross    Julie Snider - Nancy Dodge

3rd Low Gross     Jaime Bohnke - Karin Wolfe

1st Low Net         Jane Gambrell - Charlotte Briggs

2nd Low Net        Melissa Etheridge - Denise Brackett

3rd Low Net         Jocelyn Burg - Sue Kline

4th Low Net         Fran Dunn - Judy Wright

5th Low Net        Helen Johnson - Frankie Garber

6th Low Net        Jean Poley - Kate Pope

7th Low Net        Jennie Bates - Joyce Davis

8th Low Net        Kathy Cuppia - Cathy Robinson

9th Low Net        Deckie Jones - Cheryl Windham

Closest to Pin

# 4       Ann Garner

# 8      Deckie Jones

# 13    Elaine Johnson

# 17    Donna Jerman

 Player Roster

Atkinson, Jeanie

Bates, Jennie

Bohnke, Jaime

Boyter, Sandra

Brackett, Denise

Brooks, Priscilla

Buerkert, Toni

Burg, Jocelyn

Burns, Jean

Buswell, Caroline

Chick, Connie

Childers, Martha C.

Christian, Susan

Cook, Janice

Coulter, Leigh

Cuppia, Kathy

Davis, Joyce

Davis, Linda

Dodge, Nancy

Duffy, Betsy

Dunn, Fran

Ellison, Suzy

Enlow, Judy

Ethridge, Melissa

Fisher, Doris

Fisher, Miriam

Gambrell, Jane

Garber, Frankie

Garner, Ann

Gebert, Betty

Givens, Louise

Grabiner, Theresa

Griffin, Brenda

Hall, Laurie

Harrison, Beverly

Hill, Carol

Hoffmann, Janet

Holcombe, Nancy

Hong, Yong

Jerman, Donna

Johnson, Elaine

Johnson, Helen

Jones, Deckie

Jones, Mary

Jones, Mary

Kazanowski, Claire

Keene, Annemarie

Kester, Milly

Kline, Sue

Krasky, Annette

Landess, Twyla

Lawson, Elaine

Lee, Lisa

Ludlum, Sue

McBride, Vicki

Menendez, Ida

Millard, Phyllis

Munn, Cheryl

Murphy, Paulette

Myers, Lucretia

Nix, Linda

O'Keefe, Dale

Pantsari, Pat

Paton, Polly

Poley, Jean

Pope, Kate

Proctor, Trish

Purvis, Cecelia

Rhodes, Pat

Richard, Debbie

Robinson, Cathy

Sari, Tanya

Seguin, Darlene

Sisson, Carol

Snider, Julie

Spinazzola, Debbie

Sprouse, Teresa

Stone, Carole

Suda, Mary Ann

Sutton, Octavia

Trent, Maryann

Van Syckel, Michele

Webb, Angie

Windham, Cheryl

Wofford, Dianne

Wolfe, Karin

Wright, Judy