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South Carolina Senior Women's Golf Association

 August 4 at Traces Golf Club

Traces Golf Club Entry Form - ENTRY_Traces_2022.pdf


Traces Golf Club

4322 Southborough Rd * Florence, SC 29501 * (843) 662-7775

                                                  Slope:                                                                                           Rate:

                                                       Entries Open July 7                              Entries Close July 21


Tournament Co-Chairmen

Melissa Ethridge

4305 Byrne’s Blvd. * Florence, SC 29506 * (404) 862-5426

[email protected]

Cathy Robinson

756 Fawn Circle * Sumter, SC 29150 * (803) 983-6706

[email protected]


Senior Flight

1st Low Gross  Jeannie Atkinson and Leigh Coulter    68

2nd Low Gross  Denise Brackett and Helen Johnson  72

3rd Low Gross  Natile Huff and Julie Snider                 72

Super Senior Flight

Low Gross         Cathy Garris and Shelia Baranello     74

Low nets

1st Low Net     Julie Manely and Jill McQuillan            62

2nd Low Net    Kathy Shillaber and Trish Simmons     63

3rd Low Net     Joyce Sealey and Priscilla Brooks       64

4th Low Net     Joyce Robinette and Betty Reynolds   66

5th Low Net     Karen Stawicki and Sue Jones            67

6th Low Net     Linda Nix and Betsy Johnson              67

7th Low Net     Marie Mackey and Wilma Matthews    68

8th Low Net     Lola Bradshaw and Cathy Robinson   68

9th Low Net     Matrie Weaver and Cheryl Munn         68

10th Low Net   Toni Baxley and Debbie Spinnazola    69

11th Low Net   Linda Davis and Darcy Walsh              69

12th Low Net   Maria Renkey and Pat Calder              69  

Closest to Pins

Elaine Johnson       Meadows #4

Leigh Coulter          Meadows #7

Leigh Coulter          Creekside #2

Marie Mackey         Creekside #6 

 Player Roster

Darcy Walsh and Linda Davis

Sue Jones and Karen Stawicki

Brenda Griffin and Carol Sisson

Margie Rogers and Cathy Garris

Shelia Baranello and Debra Squires

Clarie Kazanowski and Laurie Hall

Tanya Sari and Sherry Black

Priscilla Brooks and Joyce Sealey

Kathy Shillaber and Trish Simmons

Julie Snider and Natalie Huff

Jeannie Atkinson and Leigh Coulter

Barb Cleghorn and Mary Ann Stiles

Marie Mackey and Willma Matthews

Lisa Lee and Carol Hill

Lynn McElveen and Cheryl Windham

Martha Weaver and Cheryl Munn

Julie Manley and Jill McQuillan

Angie Ebey and Roberta Martin

Deckie Jones and Elaine Johnson

Andera Bowers and Toni Buerkert

Denise Brackett and Helen Johnson

Betty Reynolds and Joyce Robinette

Melissa Ethridge and Ta-Juana Thompson

Cecelia Purvis and Mary Chamberlin

Maria Renkey and Pat Calder

Linda Nix and Elisa Moskovitz

Cathy Robinson and Lola Bradshaw

Cynthia Andereck and Bernice Slezak